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Jean-Michel Heiby is a professional drummer living in the East Side of France close to Germany.

He is known as an international all-around drummer playing all kind of styles from pop, jazz, latin, musicals and big-band stuff and he had backed many of international artists playing in Europe and USA.


Playing drums since his early age of 8 he had later studied at the Music Conservatory in Karlsruhe (Germany), the Swiss Jazz School in Bern (Switzerland) and finally at Drummers Collective in New York City for which he is acting as French Representative.


He had also the opportunity to have private lessons with the great late Joe Morello in Orange County New York.


Besides being the drummer for different bands and orchestras he leads his own band French Acoustic playing in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Russia.


As an educator he leads his own drum school Drummers Studio where he teaches drums to students from different countries, from beginner to professional, coaches drum teachers or teaching rhythm for all instrumentalists and vocalists. He also leads drums, percussion and rhythm workshop in Europe and teaches drumset at the City Music School of Offenburg/Germany.


Jean-Michel Heiby played the drums for international well known artists and bands as : 


Ray Anderson (trombone, USA) - Lavelle (vocals, USA) - Tiza Bee (vocals, USA) - Laurie Ellington (vocals, USA) - John Marshall (vocals, GB) - Joan Orleans (vocals, USA) - Barbara Leah Meyer (vocals, Canada) - Margarita Cantero (vocals, Cuba) - Marlène Charell (vocals, Switzerland) - Takeo Ischi (vocals, Japan) - Romy Haag (vocals, Germany) - Eurocats (vocals, USA) - Ireen Sheer (vocals, GB) - Bata Illic (vocals, Germany) - Ingrid Peters (vocals, Germany) - Michael Holm (vocals, Germany) - Cindy & Bert (vocals, Germany) - Dunja Rajter (vocals, Germany) - Ward-Brothers (vocals, GB) - Joanna (vocals, Germany) - First Ladies (vocals, USA) - Elena Poleti (vocals, Italy) - Michel Hausser (vibraphone, France) - Georges Arvanitas (piano, France) - Hubrt Nuss (piano, Germany) - François Chassagnite (trumpet, France) - Rüdiger Baldauf (trumpet, Germany) - Walter Scholz (trumpet, Germany) - Pete Tex (saxophone, Germany) - Orchestre Regional de Jazz d’Alsace (big-band, France) - Alfred Lauer Big-Band (Germany) - Casino Orchestra Baden-Baden (Germany) - Rolf Tragau Orchestra (Germany) - Moritz Funk & Soul Band (Germany) - William Saint-Val & The New Generation (New-Jack, France) - Orchester Theater Baden-Baden (musicals, Germany)…..and many others


…played as a drummer for following musicals : 


Cabaret - Kiss Me Kate - La Cage aux Folles - Family Addams - Irma La Douce - The Gig - Sugar, Some Like it Hot - High Society - Much Ado About Nothing - The 3 Penny Opera - Next to Normal - Woyzeck - Der Vetter aus Dingsda - Pride and Prejudice - The Drowsy Chaperone - Trouble in Tahiti…


…played at following festivals :


Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) - Paris Big-Band Festival / Radio France (France) - 

Jazz Festival Montpellier (Live-Recording Radio France) - Strasbourg Jazz d’Or (France) - 

Jazz Festival Grenoble (France) - Jazz Festival Braunschweig (Germany) - Jazz à Muhlhouse (France) - Beethoven Festival Bonn (Germany) - Franche-Comté Jazz-Festival (France) - Jazz Festival Munster (France) - Woerth Jazz Festival (Germany) - Rheingaumusikfestival (Germany) - Frankreich Fest Düsseldorf (Germany) - Frankreich Fest Heilbronn (Germany) - Theatrium Wiesbaden (Germany) - Bühl Jazz Festival (Germany)…and many others


…played at following concerts/venues/events : 


Jazz Club Los Angeles (USA) - New-York Marquis Time Square (USA) - MGM Grand Las Vegas (USA) - Holiday Inn Annaheim (USA) - Hermitage Theater Saint Petersburg (Russia) - Jazz Club Bayerischerhof München (Germany) - Jazz Club Minden (Germany) - Altes Parlament Bonn (Germany) - Jazz Club Wolfsburg (Germany) - Altes Pfandhaus Köln (Germany) - Lexus Lounge Düsseldorf (Germany) - Brenner´s Park Hotel Baden-Baden (Germany) - Imperial Hotel Wien (Austria) - Deutscher Film Ball Bayerischerhof München (Germany) - Moët Hennessy Prix Veuve Cliquot "Women in Business“ (Germany) - Palace Mont Cervin Zermatt (Switzerland) - Baur-Au-Lac Zürich (Switzerland) - Nassauerhof Wiesbaden (Germany) - Daimler-Chrysler (Germany) - Toyota (Switzerland) - Bertelsmann Group (Germany) - SAP (Germany) - BASF (Germany)…and many others

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